Artemis 1 and DART Updates plus Saturn's Rings - New Findings
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastSeptember 19, 202200:10:3814.65 MB

Artemis 1 and DART Updates plus Saturn's Rings - New Findings

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Monday September 19, 2022
Stories featured in this episode:
Artemis 1 launch update
Perseverance Rover’s latest samples turns up evidence of organics
Green fireball recorded streaking across the UK
New explanation for how Saturn’s rings may have formed
The DART Mission’s greatest moment is almost with us
Thomas Zurbuchen is calling it a day as head of NASA’s Science Missions Directorate
Three American Space Agencies to merge to achieve a more coordinated approach to potential threats from space
Plans being formulated to launch a new mission to out-perform Voyager 1 & 2
AI has discovered a string of stars in the universe that extend for thousands of light years across the Milky Way
A meteorite containing alien water lands in the UK…
Is space really silent?
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