Mars May Be Destroying One of its Own Moons - New Details
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastNovember 18, 2022x
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Mars May Be Destroying One of its Own Moons - New Details

Hello, thanks for joining us on Astronomy Daily, the podcast that provides news and information about astronomy and space science. My name is Andrew Dunkley, your host.
Coming up on this edition, scientists have created a black hole simulation in the lab, which sounds exciting and a little bit scary. What did they learn?
There's also an experiment that's been done by a European aerospace giant that's demonstrating how solar power can be beamed to Earth from space.
Astronauts may be able to play medical video games to help them while they're off planet and Mars may be destroying one of its own moons.
That's all coming up on this edition of Astronomy Daily.
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