Is Light Pollution Killing The Clown Fish? The Research Work of Dr. Emily Fobert
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Is Light Pollution Killing The Clown Fish? The Research Work of Dr. Emily Fobert

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S03E08 Emily Fobert – Is Light Pollution Killing Clown Fish?
Hi and welcome to this episode, an ecology event around the impacts of light at night featuring Dr. Emily Fobert who is a research fellow in the Fishery Science and Biosciences Department of the University of Melbourne.
I've had the pleasure of meeting Emily, who did a fantastic talk live for me a couple of years ago and was one of our favorite speakers at the event. She has an interesting perception of life through the marine and freshwater environment and put this to good use with a research piece of work that she did on our little friend Nemo.
Now know you've hit on luck when you're getting tweeted and repeated and on every form of media when your research has developed so much that everybody's talking about it. And that's exactly what happened with the work that she did on the impacts of light at night on the clownfish.
Join me and Emily as we discuss this and get an insight into her research.
As always at the end, if you have any questions, please email us at or you can see her web page at the University of Melbourne. Dr. Emily Fobert.
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