Marlin - Author & Astrotourist
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Marlin - Author & Astrotourist

S03E07 Marlin – Author and Astrotourist
Michael Marlin (aka Marlin) is a Dark Sky ambassador for the International Astronomical Union and International Dark-Sky Association. He is a public speaker on the solutions to light pollution and astrotourism for tourism boards, city councils, utility companies, educational institutions and science-centers, and his TEDx talk, Embracing Darkness, can be found online. He was awarded the Presidential Service Award from Barack Obama and is currently working on a television series where he will be hosting as “The Astrotourist.” (Amazon)

To check out and purchase Marlin’s book, ‘Astrotourism: Star Gazers, Eclipse Chasers and the Dark Sky Movement’ (affiliate link…we may receive a small payment if you purchase via this link).

Marnie Ogg talks with some of the brightest minds about light pollution and ways to protect our night skies.

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