S03E01: Dark Sky Impacts: Satellite Mega Constellations Risks
Dark Sky ConversationsApril 14, 2023x
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S03E01: Dark Sky Impacts: Satellite Mega Constellations Risks

S03E01 Jessica Heim – Cultural Astronomer Marnie Ogg welcomes her guest, Jessica Heim, to Dark Sky Conversations to discuss the impacts of light at night caused by satellite mega constellations, including those launched by Elon Musk and other organizations. Heim, who is a resident of Missouri and a student at the University of Southern Queensland, shares her research on the potential risks of increased space junk and clutter caused by these tens of thousands of satellites. Marnie mentions that Heim's paper, written in collaboration with John Barrentyne, has received a great deal of attention in the Australian media and abroad. The conversation promises to be an exciting one for those interested in the effects of satellite mega constellations on the night sky.
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