S03E06: Exploring Dark Skies at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum
Dark Sky ConversationsApril 21, 2023x
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S03E06: Exploring Dark Skies at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

In this episode of Dark Skies Conversations, Marnie Ogg is joined by Naomi Miles and Grant Salmond from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs in northern western Queensland near Winton. They discuss their passion for dark skies and how they have expanded their successful museum based on paleontology and archaeology with dinosaurs to create an iconic destination for stargazing. The episode highlights the efforts and activities at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs and encourages listeners to visit and share their thoughts. Tune in to this episode to learn more about this unique outback space and its enthusiastic dark sky enthusiasts. For more details on Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum: https://www.australianageofdinosaurs.com This interview is presented as part of International Dark Sky Week 2023. For more details and resources for International Dark Sky Week, please visit https://www.darksky.org Email Marnie: - marnie@darkskytraveller.com.au Marnie Ogg talks with some of the brightest minds about light pollution and ways to protect our night skies. For more details, visit the Dark Sky website: https://www.darkskytraveller.com.au/podcast Subscribe, rate and review at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and all good podcast apps. Stream on demand from https://www.bitesz.com/show/dark-sky-conversations/ For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com
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