337: 2023-BU - A Near Miss for Planet Earth
Space NutsFebruary 02, 2023
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337: 2023-BU - A Near Miss for Planet Earth

We're back. Space Nuts. 2023. I'm Andrew Dunkley, your host, and joining me, as always, will be Professor Fred Watson, astronomer at large. Hi, Fred. Happy new year. Probably too late to say that, but anyway, it's the first time we've chatted a break. Now, what's coming up on the 337th edition of Space nuts? Well, a near miss asteroid we've got to talk about. Asteroid 2023 BU, which flew past the earth very closely recently. It was almost a record breaker in that regard. We'll cover that. And we'll also talk about some new results from the James Webb telescope about the molecules and chemicals that are being found deep in icy clouds in space. Wow. All right. It's just always something new coming from the James Webb space telescope. And some audience questions. Harold wants to know about self-cleaning rovers. Good idea. Sandy in Melbourne wants to talk about how spacecraft targets small objects in space and more. Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff. Space Nuts Episode 337 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley Download from your favorite podcast distributor or visit our website at www.spacenuts.io Sponsor Links: This episode of Space Nuts is brought to you by NordVPN…the highly rated VPN service and the one we personally use. Fast and secure. It’s the one you need in your life. Kick off the new year know you’re secure online and take advantage of our special deal. For details visit www.nordvpn.com/spacenuts or use the checkout code SPACENUTS For more Space Nuts, supporter links, sponsor links, to visit the shop, buy a book, leave us your questions, and stream podcast episodes on-demand, visit our website at https://spacenutspodcast.com or the new www.bitesz.com site https://www.bitesz.com/show/space-nuts/ (mobile friendly). New link: https://spacenuts.io New Link: https://spacenutsshop.com to go directly to our shop. Send us a message, ask a question…whatever. We love hearing from you: https://www.speakpipe.com/spacenuts Find all our show links at https://linktr.ee/biteszHQ
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