Bad Weather Scrubs a Third Launch Attempt for the World’s Most Powerful Rocket
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Bad Weather Scrubs a Third Launch Attempt for the World’s Most Powerful Rocket

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 101
*Bad weather scrubs a third launch attempt for the world’s most powerful rocket
In a case of déjà vu all over again as NASA has been forced to scrub a third launch attempt of its massive Artemis 1 Moon rocket – this time because of Tropical storm Ian near Jamaica which was forecast to rapidly intensify and move towards the Florida coast.
*NASA's Lunar IceCube mission
Hitching a ride on NASA's Artemis Moon rocket is a tiny shoe box sized six unit cubesat spacecraft that will be searching for water hidden in the dark shadows of deep craters on the lunar surface.
*Virgin Orbit to launch from Queensland
The rural Queensland city of Toowoomba could become a future space port for Virgin Orbit. The company has just signed a memorandum of understanding with Australian infrastructure development company Wagner Corporation to use their Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport as a local base of operations.
*32 new variable stars discovered
Astronomers have discovered 32 new variable stars in the Palomar 2 globular cluster a hundred thousand light years away in the constellation Auriga the charioteer.
*The Science Report
Scientists have created what they claim are living synthetic cells by harvesting bacteria for body parts.
Rare 2000-year-old Judean coin returned to the Israel Antiquities Authority
A new study shows medieval Brits weren’t as British as they thought.
Skeptics guide to cults.
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