Mars Perseverance Rover Sets New Record
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Mars Perseverance Rover Sets New Record

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 48
*Mars Perseverance Rover sets a new record on the red planet
NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover is continuing to set new records on the surface of the red planet. While automotive engineers are struggling to get autonomously driven cars working safely on Earth – mission managers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California are using the self-driving capabilities of the car sized Perseverance rover to trek across Mars.
*More Space tourists arrive aboard the International Space Station
Space tourists have flown to the International Space Station numerous times before – but SpaceX’s Axiom AX-1 mission is different because it was the first without any Space Agency official accompanying the four private astronauts.
*Flying to the edge of space by balloon
Another company is entering the space tourism business – well sort of
Space Perspective plans to fly luxury gondolas under giant high altitude balloons reaching heights of 30 kilometres or more than 98 thousand feet.
*New Russian spy satellite launched
A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a new spy satellite has blasted into orbit from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome 800 kilometres north of Moscow.
*The Science Report
People getting a fourth Pfizer shot have triple protection from severe COVID-19.
Climate Change report warns the window to save the planet is rapidly closing.
People who listen to podcasts are more open minded than non-listeners.
Skeptic's guide to ‘Ghost’ sightings during COVID

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