New and Puzzling Features of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts
SpaceTime with Stuart GarySeptember 30, 202200:25:1620.46 MB

New and Puzzling Features of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

Stuart GaryStuart GaryHost
SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 103
*New and puzzling features of mysterious fast radio bursts
Astronomers have detected strange never before seen signals originating from an already mysterious object called a Fast Radio Burst.
*NASA's InSight hears its first meteoroid impacts on Mars
NASA's Mars InSight lander has detected seismic waves from four asteroids that crashed on to the Martian surface in 2020 and 2021.
*Rocket Lab launches its seventh Electron this year
Rocket Lab has launched its 30th mission and delivered its 150th satellite in to orbit.
*Space Junk streaks across Scotland
As if police and emergency services in northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland wont busy enough last week with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II – they were also being inundated with hundreds of calls about a strange fireball crossing the sky.
*The Science Report
A new mask that can alert the wearer if they've been exposed to Covid-19.
Scientists identify a new molecular phase of water.
Discovery of what may be the largest and most complete mummified dinosaur ever found.
Skeptics guide to creepy South Australia.

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