S26E31: How the DART Spacecraft Ripped a Hole in an Asteroid // Crash and Burn for Japan // Nearby Earth Like Planet Discovery
SpaceTime with Stuart GaryMarch 13, 2023x
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S26E31: How the DART Spacecraft Ripped a Hole in an Asteroid // Crash and Burn for Japan // Nearby Earth Like Planet Discovery

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SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 31 *How the DART spacecraft ripped a hole in an asteroid It’s been revealed that NASA’s Dart spacecraft blasted over a thousand tonnes of rock and debris out of the asteroid Dimorphos when it crashed into the space rock in September last year. *Crash and burn for Japan’s new H3 rocket Japan’s shiny new 60 metre tall H3 rocket has exploded in flames on its maiden flight from the Tanegashima Space Center south of Kyushu. *A newly discovered nearby Earth like planet Astronomers say that a newly discovered exoplanet similar in size to the Earth could be worth searching for signs of life. *The Science Report The World Meteorological Organization has warned an El Niño event may develop in the coming months. New study shows chemicals in bushfire smoke can destroy ozone. China cements its position as the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter. Skeptics guide to the latest government UFO study This week’s talent includes: Head of the Global Fire Ball observatory Dr Ellie Sansom, from Curtin University Mars scientist Sylvain Piqueux from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California And our regular guests: Alex Zaharov-Reutt from iTWire.com Tim Mendham from Australian Skeptics Listen to SpaceTime on your favorite podcast app with our universal listen link: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com/listen For more SpaceTime and show links: https://linktr.ee/biteszHQ If you love this podcast, please get someone else to listen to. Thank you… To become a SpaceTime supporter and unlock commercial free editions of the show, gain early access and bonus content, please visit https://bitesz.supercast.com/ . Premium version now available via Spotify and Apple Podcasts. For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com Your support is needed... SpaceTime is an independently produced podcast (we are not funded by any government grants, big organisations or companies), and we’re working towards becoming a completely listener supported show...meaning we can do away with the commercials and sponsors. We figure the time can be much better spent on researching and producing stories for you, rather than having to chase sponsors to help us pay the bills. That's where you come in....help us reach our first 1,000 subscribers...at that level the show becomes financially viable, and bills can be paid without us breaking into a sweat every month. Every little bit helps...even if you could contribute just $1 per month. It all adds up. By signing up and becoming a supporter at the $5 or more level, you get immediate access to over 350 commercial-free, triple episode editions of SpaceTime plus extended interview bonus content. You also receive all new episodes on a Monday rather than having to wait the week out. Subscribe via Supercast (you get a month’s free trial to see if it’s really for you or not) ... and share in the rewards. Details at Supercast - https://bitesznetwork.supercast.tech/ Details at https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com or www.bitesz.com
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