The Most Distant Star Ever Seen; Discovery of a New Inner Milky Way Galactic Ring;
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The Most Distant Star Ever Seen; Discovery of a New Inner Milky Way Galactic Ring;

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 40
*The most distant star ever seen
Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have set a new record for the most distant star ever seen – a giant 50 times the mass of the Sun located some 12.9 billion light years away.
*Discovery of a new inner Milky Way galactic ring
Astronomers have discovered a new inner ring structure near the centre of our galaxy the Milky Way.
*Safe landing for Soyuz despite growing war tensions
After extending the record for the longest single American spaceflight in history to 355 days, NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei has returned safely to Earth aboard the Roscosmos Soyuz MS-19 capsule together with two Russian cosmonauts.
*The Science Report
The iconic duck billed Platypus is now listed as extinct in Sydney’s Royal National Park.
A new study confirms a couple of cups of coffee daily is good for you.
Archaeologists have uncovered the oldest Hebrew text in Israel, that includes the name of God
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