Your Star Signs Report wc Monday 29th August 2022
Steve Murphy's Star SignsAugust 29, 202200:05:016.93 MB

Your Star Signs Report wc Monday 29th August 2022

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs
August 29, 2022
Aries, with the Moon opposite your sign until Wednesday, you can expect extra attention. From Thursday however you may be seeking a transactional agreement or cash refund on previous purchases.
Taurus, a consultancy is likely at some point as you set out to improve your health. You’re presently in a positive cycle. For many of you, there’s talk of travel on the cards.
Gemini, fresh ideas and enthusiasm involving younger minds spikes until midweek. Thursday thru to Saturday you are full of motivation and distraction, albeit entertaining.
Cancerians, a week of getting things sorted in your home life. Husbands, wives, children and close one’s will keep your days ahead preoccupied. Spare of the moment plans excite the spirit.
Leo, booking air travel or possibly planning a trip away is just what the Dr ordered. If not now, when? Many of of you are most certainly contemplating a break away. Yet, surprises are still in store.
Virgo, a reward of sorts appears to be around the corner and you may be celebrating an occasion. From Wednesday, plan your days ahead allowing yourself plenty of time. Spontaneous meetings keep you busier than usual.
Libra, with the seductive Moon in your sign until Wednesday, you’re oozing attractiveness and confidence, also look out for ideal purchases. From Thursday, gear up for negotiations.
Scorpio, the beginning of the week could see you with much to think about or speculate. Nothing serious, perhaps shades of reflection too. Wednesday to Saturday are your best days, spearheading peaceful optimism.
Sagittarius, sparkling conversation and a healthy dose of communication drive the week ahead with much to consider, possibly driven too by others probing and influencing. Friendships by week’s end keep you proactive.
Capricorn, Monday to Wednesday you’re ambitiously focused on a work issue or possibly a dealing with a parent. There’s a bigger picture task at question here. The Virgo Sun will delightfully give you positive energy indeed.
Aquarius, a somewhat spiritual experience that touches or moves you is likely, perhaps too the week opens up with something of a significant and special backdrop. A bonding of sorts this week could trigger a beautiful and lasting moment.
Pisces, the Sun opposite your sign for several more weeks is indeed a blessing, with a realisation of how important your relationships to others really is. Feedback, action and reaction bring heightened days but ultimately, peace of mind.

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