378: When The Rain Stops Falling (Theatre Works, Melbourne Australia) (review)
Theatre FirstMarch 08, 2023
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378: When The Rain Stops Falling (Theatre Works, Melbourne Australia) (review)

Theatre First Episode 378 Stream podcast episodes on demand from www.biteszhq.com (mobile friendly). When The Rain Stops Falling – (Theatre Works, Melbourne, Australia) When the Rain Stops Falling is a magnificently rendered, complex work that continually shocks and surprises. Its drip feed narrative comes together to form a most disturbing picture. It's only when the full truth outs that you come to realise the true mastery of the art form. This is a multi-generational production concerning two families that spans London, the Coorong in South Australia and Alice Springs over 80 years from 1959. For more details on this production visit https://www.theatreworks.org.au/program/when-the-rain-stops-falling For more Theatre reviews from Alex, visit https://www.bitesz.com/show/theatre-first/ Subscribe, rate and review Theatre First at all good podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, CastBox.FM, Podbean, Spreaker etc. If you're enjoying Theatre First podcast, please share and tell your friends. Your support would be appreciated...thank you. Theatre First RSS feed: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4988589/episodes/feed For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://biteszhq.com #podcast #theatre #stage #reviews #melbourne #australia #review #theatreworks #whentherainstopsfalling
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